This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship…


All good things seem to begin with a story, and this blog is much the same (though this may not be much a good thing. I guess we’ll see). In May 2012, I graduated from college and found myself with an abundance of free time that I hadn’t ever had. I’m of Chinese ethnicity, and my parents were very strict when it came to my schooling and how I spent my free time. In college I encountered the first time that I was the master of my own whims, but even then, my studies (although I hesitate to say that. I was an awful student) provided a constant press that I couldn’t get away from. After graduation, though, I would return home from work and find I had nothing better to do than to sit there and watch TV and play video games (when i wasn’t hanging out with friends).

Many of my friends had, in the days of Vanilla WoW, delved into the game, hit bedrock, languished there a while, then realized how much time the game had sucked from them and had gotten out. I watched them do just this and laughed at them for having spent so much time and money on the endeavor. I vowed I would never spend (at the time) 30 bucks every month for the same game.

Now, in my twilight years (they say it’s all downhill after 23, right?) I’ve begun to play this game that so many other people have been sucked into. My old roommate spent most of his time raiding, and I wanted to keep in touch with him. After adding to that the fact that I had all this time on my hands, and that I was finally making some money, I figured it was time to dip my toes in. My current roommate and my old roommate took advantage of the Refer a Friend program (he wanted a monk for his main after Mists of Pandaria dropped, so he wanted our bonus levels to get him to 90 as quickly as possible) and dove into the game the only way the three of us have ever dove into a video game: head first.

Now, six months down the road, I have joined my old roommate in the raiding ranks of a 10-man Normal guild. I started off leveling a Tauren Paladin tank and every time I stand there being assaulted by a mob of mobs, or every time I click my /moo macro, I find that I have absolutely no regrets about my choices up until this point. I absolutely love tanking. The feeling that the success or failure (but mostly failure) of the entire raid group falls largely on my brightly-plated shoulders fills me with both pride and a slight queasiness. The feeling of being given that responsibility, though, of not falling flat on my face despite the millions of damage coming at me is just unsurmountable. And the dungeon insta-queues are pretty nice as well.

I’ve tried playing other tanks. I played around with tanking as Death Knight and got pretty bored. I tried tanking as a monk and got confused, then bored. There’s just something about having to pay attention to the boss’s attacks and make sure that 3 second window after I’ve hit Shield of the Righteous is there to catch that incoming damage that has me raiding with my toes pointed and my heart stuck in my throat. It’s exhilarating, knowing that that shield is the only thing standing between you and death, and that not paying attention to the boss’s DBM timer even once can mean a party wipe (*cough*Horridon*coughcough*).

So here I am. A hypocrite. I once said that I would never play WoW because of the subscription fee. And yet I stand (well, sit) before you, a member of a 10N (albeit casual) guild as a main spec tank, doing my best to take the hits and dish them out just as well.

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One thought on “This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship…

  1. mrandmrswow says:

    So glad you’ve found your love of WoW! I, also, have tried a variety of classes but always find myself coming back to my beloved mage.

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