Horrible Horridon


I’m relatively new to the game of World of Warcraft, but I did raid in the tail end of tier 14. Perhaps it’s because the rest of my raid was pretty well geared for the fights, but although we stumbled a little bit we did not have problems with downing bosses the way that we’ve had problems downing bosses in Tier 15. And by downing bosses in Tier 15, I mean downing Horridon.

At this point, as you can see from the killshots page, we’ve made it to the fight with Ji-Kun. And I have to say that none of the other bosses gave us much trouble. Horridon, though, was another beast (heh) all together. After downing Horridon, however, we spent a single night to down each of the next bosses, but Horridon took us two whole weeks of raiding. For us, that’s almost 16 hours and 58 pulls!

Now, don’t get me wrong: I love challenging fights. I love the idea of hitting a challenging fight, doing everything we can, and finally getting over that hurdle. That sense of accomplishing a task with the help and support of your teammates is the reason I got into raiding. And that is the exact problem I have with the Horridon fight.

By this point Horridon has been nerfed twice at the 10 man normal difficulty level, which says to me that when the encounter first debuted, the 10 man normal Horridon fight was overtuned for the environment. I still remember the first dozen or so pulls and thinking to myself, “How in the world am I going to hold threat on all of these adds?” We tried a number of different strategies, from two-healing to three-healing, and then back to two-healing. For the most part we stuck with having me tank Horridon and my partner tank, the impressively resilient Megavolt, held onto and dealt with the adds. In the end, the issue became having to perform nearly flawlessly in each of the aspects of the fight (shielding every Triple Puncture, interrupting adds on every door that needed interrupting, tanking Horridon in the right spot and properly learning all of the fight mechanics) that got us to our first kill.

So, given all of that information, here is my gripe: the fight was too difficult to have been the second fight of the tier. Many groups that I have read about have gotten past Horridon at this point only bceause they’ve farmed Jin’rokh to death, have bought all of their Revered-level gear from the Shado-pan Assault, and the fight has been nerfed twice. One of the reasons my guild has not had to spend two hours every week re-killing Horridon is because of these nerfs, otherwise I’m sure we’d still be having trouble until our ilvls had broken 508.

Part of the problem was also that Jin’rokh was too easy. My raid, which had not done any Heroic raids from tier 14, killed Jin’rokh on the first night and still had enough time to pull Horridon 11 times. By the time we’d killed Jin’rokh for the first time, we still hadn’t fully figured out all of Jin’rokh’s mechanics, although I guess we didn’t need to. This deceptively easy first boss of the raid made the colossal challenge of killing Horridon, and failing to do so, that much more punishing.

This inflated feeling of defeat combined with the boss just being overtuned, made Horridon one of the worst raiding experiences I’ve had so far. I’ve heard people calling Horridon the raid-killer and seen raid teams come apart at the seams trying and failing to kill this boss. It even got to the point, for me, where I dreaded pulling Horridon and needed to steel myself to take on this prehistoric monster. In this very fact, Blizzard has failed to create a good game. By creating an encounter that has brought dread (as opposed to fear. Fear is okay) they have failed in their goal of creating a fun and exciting encounter. That being said, I look forward to seeing the rest of tier 15 and what Blizzard has in store for <AD>.

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4 thoughts on “Horrible Horridon

    • ShOTRdin says:

      Thanks! Turned out really well considering I took it a few minutes before we pulled. XD Wish I’d had the chance to properly xmog my cloak, though…

  1. Because I only do LFR, I can love Horridon. He’s got cannons!

    • ShOTRdin says:

      You know, I’d never even noticed that! I feel like there’s so much I miss because I’m so fixated on my Holy Power meter, Horridon’s DBM timers, and my health bar.

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