Blizzkhaaaaaa-wait I did this joke already

I can’t believe the last time I posted was a year ago, but here I am, back and better than ever.

Well, back at least.

As I sit here with my guildies watching Blizzcon again, I’m reminded of where I was a year ago. At the time, things were pretty exciting. We were making good progression on Siege of Orgrimmar, and thing were looking like they would never change. That, of course, means a lot of things have changed. After months and months of beating our heads against Heroic Siege, our guild decided to take a break. Warlords of Draenor was just a nebulous thing of the future, and a lot of us were starting to get on each others’ nerves. We felt like we’d been raiding Siege forever, and frankly speaking it wasn’t even particularly interesting or fun content. To have been left at the end of a pretty amazing expansion (but let’s be honest, I started in Mists so I don’t really have anything to compare it to) was really quite sad.

Our raid leader finally called it and said “Alright, we’re taking a break until Warlords. We’ll still put together some pick-up raids, but nothing formal.” At the time, I was convinced that everyone would be back once Warlords was released, but I was so very mistaken. I realized that without WoW in my life, other parts of my life crept in and took its place. I was soon just as busy as I had been when I was raiding two nights out of the week, and it seemed like other people were having the same sort of experience. Our raid leader moved to another state, and got a new job. Our other main healer and the other tank moved on to another server and another guild. We all kept saying he’d be back, but in the back of our minds, it was always a bit of a question mark. Our rogue said in no uncertain terms that he would not be coming back, and that work and lack of interest in content were the cause.

Now, we’re sitting on the cusp of starting up raid again, and the entire landscape has changed. I’ll still be tanking, and I’ll still be playing a paladin, but one of our healers, and frankly a pillar of our raid team, has decided to stay with the guild that he was moved to, along with my co-tank. It’s unsure whether or not our shadow priest will be returning to raiding with us, as well. One of our mages has been completely incomunicado and continues to be, and it’s unsure whether he’ll be back. Our other mage has expressed concern that he’s only returning to raiding because he doesn’t want to be left out. I’ve expressed before that our raid team was something of a family, helping each other to weather certain trials and tribulations in their lives. Blizzcon last year was an extreme example of this close-ness. We all traveled from around the country to meet up and hang out and watch Blizzcon together, talking about the future of the guild and the future of our raid team. This year, however, has been completely different. Perhaps it’s the lack of any new news, but there seemed to be considerably less interest in what was going on on the screen, and lurking in the back of it all has been the knowledge that some of the folks there, despite being at Blizzcon with us, would not be raiding with us any more.

All of this boils down to this point: Warlords was just too long in coming. From a company perspective, you would expect that Blizzard would want to keep their audience hooked to the game, but it just became completely obvious that I would need to unsub from the game, at least for a bit, and focus my attention elsewhere. To those of you that continued to raid through Siege, I tip my hat to you. As someone who is really in the game for the endgame PvE content, I just found myself without anything to do in the game. There was no doubt in my mind that I would return with Warlords, but perhaps that’s just because of my raid team. If I didn’t love them as much as I do, I probably wouldn’t have returned either. I just would have lost the interest.


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